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Hareid Elektriske AS

Hareid Elektriske AS is the parent company in Hareid Group. The corporate management sets the overall direction for the Group in close cooperation with the Board.
Through a strategy with diversification of activities, Hareid Group has established a strong position built around the core competence in electrical services and products.

Contact information

Hareid Elektriske AS

Hareid Elektriske AS
N-6060 Hareid
Tel.: +47 70 09 58 00
E-mail: post@hareidgroup.com
24/7 service
Tel.: +47 70 09 58 60
Presentation of the

Corporate management

Karsten Sævik
Øyvind Halkjelsvik
Deputy CEO
Stian Erik Bjaastad
Chief Financial Officer
Kathrine Holstad
HR Manager
Torgeir Vattøy
Managing Director
HG Elektro AS
Tor Marthin Sørli
Managing Director
HG Teknikk AS
Ann Magritt Bjåstad Vikebakk
Managing Director
HG International AS
Henning Moltubakk
Technical Manager
Ingar Teigene
Managing Director
HG Handel AS
Presentation of

Board members

Bjørn Bjaastad
Chairman of the Board
Jens Berge
Board Member
Bjørn Teigene
Board Member
Ingvild Vartdal
Board Member
Tor Egil Rise
Board Member
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